Going Above and Beyond

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

On a recent visit with a patient, Grace Hospice Volunteer Terry Davis went above and beyond helping a patient uncover a long lost photo that was thought to be missing for many years.

Terry's Story

During a visit with the patient, I was struck by a comment he made about his deceased wife and how pretty she was. He went on to say that her senior picture was the best one he had but he had long since misplaced it. A few disguised questions got me the name of the school and the approximate graduation year.

The next day I called Paden High School and spoke with the secretary who was more than willing to help me find her old composite picture. The day after, I drove to Paden and the secretary of the high school lead me to the picture on the wall of the gymnasium. Unfortunately, it was too grainy, low resolution.

The secretary then called the retired secretary who lived down the street and she said she might have her picture in storage somewhere. That led to me driving to this complete stranger's house and climbing through her outdoor storage building, pulling down boxes and trying to locate old photo albums.

We eventually ended up in her house, around her dining room table, along with her adult children who come over every workday to spend their lunch hour with their mom and her home-cooked meals. We told stories and laughed as she sorted through pictures to no avail.

Well, this kind lady reached out to an old classmate of hers, who actually graduated with the patient's wife. About a week later, I received a letter with an original photo of her! It was then copied, blown up and taken over to the patient.

It was well received and he was very touched. The original picture was then returned to the owner.

The whole process was truly a 'Norman Rockwell' experience for me. It underscored the reason I'm so proud to be an Okie.


Terry Davis

Grace Hospice Volunteer

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