Choosing Hospice

At Grace Hospice of Oklahoma, we do everything we can to help educate while providing the best care for the patient and their loved ones. Before you choose a hospice care provider, we hope to make the process familiar and as simple as possible for you. 

If a person has a terminal illness or disease that is no longer responding to aggressive care, they are eligible for hospice care if two physicians can certify to their condition and prognosis. One of these may be the hospice physician. The physicians will certify that if the disease were to run its normal course, the patient may be expected to live for six months or less. 

This does not mean that the individual will definitely pass within six months. The course of decline in a patient with a serious illness varies from disease to disease, and even from person to person within the same disease.  It simply means that for the foreseeable future, if the illness continues as it usually does, the patient may not live past six months.


Grace Hospice of Oklahoma covers all services, medications, and equipment related to the terminal illness. 

Grace Hospice of Oklahoma Services include:

  • Physician services

  • Nursing services

  • Home health aides

  • Medical equipment and supplies

  • Medications for pain relief and symptom management

  • Dietary counseling

  • Continuous care during crisis periods

  • Trained volunteers

  • Physical and occupational therapy

  • Speech therapy

  • Respite care for the family

  • Social work services

  • Psychological and spiritual counseling for the individual

  • Bereavement services for the family for a year after a death

The Grace Hospice team is here to help with anything you need. Please give us a call at (918) 744-7223 if you have any questions.

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