Why You Should Choose Grace Hospice

Of course Grace Hospice is not your only choice for hospice services. There are many other organizations offering this type of care. However, we believe we offer a number of unique benefits to you.


As a locally owned and operated hospice agency, we serve a 50-mile radius from our office in Tulsa and we live in the areas we serve.  We are your neighbors.  We have a unique knowledge and understanding of the local support and service agencies available to assist you because we live where you live.  A surprising number of people on our service are our own friends and family because they know they will receive the best care at Grace Hospice.


We concentrate all of our efforts and expertise strictly on hospice services and palliative care.  We do not dilute the quality of our services by expanding into other endeavors, such as home health care.  We are dedicated to one purpose only: we are dedicated to you.


We are a family of professionals who are passionate believers in the hospice concept. The caring, experienced professionals who join our team stay over the long term and add their experience to the rich pool of talent and skills we make available to you.


We use a broad spectrum of specialists, including physicians, nurses, aides and counselors specially trained in hospice care. With such a diversity of experience, you will receive the very best care in the hospice industry. 

Experience and Expertise

Everyone in our organization, from our Medical Directors and Executive Director, our nurses, hospice aides, social workers, clergy, support personnel, and volunteers are the best in the business.  If we added up all the time that our employees have served in hospice, we would literally be offering hundreds of years in experience to you.  If someone falls short of our high expectations, we ask them to leave our employment ...and they usually go to work for our competition.


Grace Hospice strives to provide levels of personal care that exceed industry standards in every category. For example, in most cases, our client visits by nurses, certified nurse aides, social workers, volunteers and chaplains are more frequent than national, state or local averages.

Translation: because you receive more attention and better care, you receive a higher quality of life. You may find that many of our hospice team members almost become part of your family, just as you become part of ours.

Social Constant

It is very important to us that we become, and continue to be, someone you can count on to be there when you need us.  You will always see the same four staff members unless you ask us to make a change or we encounter a very unusual situation requiring us to make a substitution.   We will be there at the scheduled time unless something unforeseen occurs.  If we are going to be late, we will call you so you know when to expect us.


Grace Hospice has a unique organizational structure.  There aren't multiple layers of bureaucracy standing between the client, the family, the caregivers and our executive management. That means we can be responsive, adaptive and creative in meeting your unique needs. It also means that you shouldn't be surprised when one of our Directors calls to see how things are going.

Perhaps the greatest strength of Grace Hospice lies in the fact that we all have a passionate belief in the hospice concept and the benefits it provides to our clients. Each of our staff members has been privileged to share firsthand the unique lessons, life experiences and gifts that hospice brings to its patients and their families.

We believe the true value of our services is determined by our ability to provide:

  • Compassion, comfort and support to our patients, their caregivers and families
  • An environment that recognizes and supports the patient’s right to live with dignity and make the decisions that affect his/her life
  • An environment that aggressively promotes the patient’s ability to live his/her life fully with the highest possible quality of life, regardless of diagnosis or prognosis
  • Professionalism, integrity and excellence in everything we do.


We continually strive to provide the best care for families by providing not only superior service, but several amenities you might not expect. Click on each item below to learn more:

  • 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week Admissions
  • Registered nurses are available every day of the week to help patients get services as soon as they need and want admission. Just dial (918) 744-7223 or (800) 659-0307 for immediate response at any hour and 365 days a year—no exceptions.
  • On-Call Services All the Time
  • Our staff is "ON" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Help is only a phone call away. 
  • Emergency Medication Kits
  • After careful medical assessment, we provide emergency drug kits to control urgent symptoms. The kits are kept in the home to be close at hand in the event of a crisis. The patient's physician prescribes the orders for the kits, which are tailored to cover individual needs. 
  • Continuous Care
  • Our team reacts to a sudden crisis by staying with the patient ever moment until the situation passes.  Many hospices do not offer Continuous Care.
  • Respite Care
  • When caregivers need a break for a few days we can place the patient in a care facility while the caregivers take a few days to rest and refresh themselves.
  • Esteemed Medical Professionals
  • Our Medical Directors offer an array of expertise and they are superstars in the medical community.
  • Highly Experienced Staff
  • Our team of professionals, including nurses, hospice aides, chaplains and social workers, bring years of experience in the field of palliative care. Our volunteers give their most valuable resource – their time – to serve you and to enhance the goals of treatment.
  • Grace Hospice of Oklahoma, LLC, complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

Grace Hospice is your local hospice... we've been serving families here for more than 15 years.